The sense of stillness, stopping time, is something I wanted to portray in my latest album, titled, ‘CSH DNA’.  The backdrop of The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is picturesque.  It is located along the Long Island Sound with breath taking views surrounding the entire compound.  The CSH Lab was founded in 1890; it is one of the greatest international research institutions, and has not only accomplished breakthroughs, but has played a central role in the development of molecular genetics; the lab also happened to celebrate its 125th Anniversary last year.  

In my photographs, I wanted to capture the truly quaint yet strikingly captivating scenery that surrounds my town, but specifically the DNA lab.  

I reveal the lab in a black and white perspective, with abstract and realistic themes featuring notable sights, but also sights off the beaten path.  While editing these photographs, I was inspired by the 1920’s Great Gatsby era; consistently being reminded of the whimsical, timeless personality that the era exuded.


Above are a few unedited photographs from this series.

Tuc Magazine Feature: Behind the Lense

I am really excited to share this feature I did with Tuc Magazine.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Editor in Chief, Ladale The Fashionsto Nesmith and had a great time answering his questions about my artwork.  Below is a sample of the feature; To view the interview in its' entirety, click here

LTF: You are clearly a versatile talent, you’re a photographer, painter, and blogger, how do you go about managing your time to handle all three? And which one do you enjoy the most?

Victoria: Why, thank you!  Since my art is really based off of a feeling and emotion, I usually go back and forth between photography and painting.  Painting is where I express everything and anything, and photography is where I put my spin and interpretation of the world.  My photographs can be bewildering at times; blogging is a way I can let my viewers know where the intention was with certain series. 

Painting is where I express everything and anything, and photography is where I put my spin and interpretation of the world.
Source: http://www.tucmag.net/art/behind-the-lens-...

Installation: Base Gym

This past Sunday, I had the awesome pleasure of hanging a new installation in Base Gym.  Base is truly a "centerpiece" in downtown Jersey City.  Not only is it a beautiful, luxurious gym, but it is home to some great and unique artwork of all mediums--which is why I am psyched to be joining the group!  I have 14 pieces up for sale....here are some BTS photos and some of the pieces you can find there.

Blurred Lines

I know this will sound a little cliché, but I have to confess that the more I say it, the more often I see the truth and beauty of this statement.  Inspiration is everywhere. 

As we go through our daily routine, it is so easy to over look all the little things that we just expect to be there and pay no mind to it.  It could be anything: a vibrant green on a field of grass, the shapes of clouds, or even the intricate bark on a tree.  These are the little presents of life, and it is important to live in the present, observe and enjoy these gifts.

In my artwork I always strive to make mundane things seem captivating and interesting.  In my latest album, Metro Lines, I expanded on this concept using shadows as a focal point.  Shadows are consistent, yet almost always a little different.  Shadows are going to appear and disappear along with the sun, every single day.  Whether it’s the shadow of a power line, tree, or human, you will always find it between the rays of light and the surface.

I’ve wanted to shoot this idea of shadows from power lines for a while now, and finally executed it a few weeks ago.  The inspiration came while I was taking a walk and noticed something stunningly beautiful from an object that had become such a standard part of my environment.  I reminded myself to stay present (something I have to remind myself of often) which allowed me to truly soak in the splendor around me.  I was attracted to the variation in the diameter of each line, the difference of perspective, and the juxtaposition between the light textured sidewalk and the darker blurred lines. 

Next time you are on a walk, try to focus on the little things, and see what inspiration comes to you!



Allow me to re-introduce myself (ala Jay-Z)…my name is Victoria!  I chose the words “re-introduce”, which may sound silly since many of you are familiar with my work, but it is exactly what I want to do.  My photographs have been exhibited on my website for quite some time, but I haven’t given you much of a glimpse of the person behind the camera lens.  

Photography and painting has always been a cathartic release for me, a way to express my frustrations, thoughts, and feelings.  For most of my life, my art was deeply personal, and not something I shared with a lot of people.  When I started this website, I never could have imagined that I would receive so much support for my work- and it is this support from all of you that keeps motivating me to keep pushing my comfort zone to create new work, meet new people, display in more galleries and really pursue this dream to wherever it may take me. 

In the beginning, I was nervous to share my art with the world- but it has been without a doubt, one of the most fulfilling decisions I have made.  The positive and encouraging responses from all of you has been amazing, and I feel lucky that so many of you have gotten to know me through my work.  

While I’m so happy that my website and photographs have introduced you to Victoria Miritello the artist, I want to (re)introduce you all to Victoria Miritello the person.

 As they say, we all have layers…I am definitely no exception.   I want to start peeling that away and share with you the everyday Victoria behind the camera lens or paint brush.

 I hope through writing more blog posts, exhibiting more photographs, and being more intimate with my social handles will allow you to see more of the true person behind all the art. Putting myself out there is still something pretty foreign to me.  Before I decided to quit my job and pursue my art full time, I had zero experience with social media (other than Facebook).   But I am going to give it a try, so please, bare with me as I, Victoria, re-introduce myself…