Blurred Lines

I know this will sound a little cliché, but I have to confess that the more I say it, the more often I see the truth and beauty of this statement.  Inspiration is everywhere. 

As we go through our daily routine, it is so easy to over look all the little things that we just expect to be there and pay no mind to it.  It could be anything: a vibrant green on a field of grass, the shapes of clouds, or even the intricate bark on a tree.  These are the little presents of life, and it is important to live in the present, observe and enjoy these gifts.

In my artwork I always strive to make mundane things seem captivating and interesting.  In my latest album, Metro Lines, I expanded on this concept using shadows as a focal point.  Shadows are consistent, yet almost always a little different.  Shadows are going to appear and disappear along with the sun, every single day.  Whether it’s the shadow of a power line, tree, or human, you will always find it between the rays of light and the surface.

I’ve wanted to shoot this idea of shadows from power lines for a while now, and finally executed it a few weeks ago.  The inspiration came while I was taking a walk and noticed something stunningly beautiful from an object that had become such a standard part of my environment.  I reminded myself to stay present (something I have to remind myself of often) which allowed me to truly soak in the splendor around me.  I was attracted to the variation in the diameter of each line, the difference of perspective, and the juxtaposition between the light textured sidewalk and the darker blurred lines. 

Next time you are on a walk, try to focus on the little things, and see what inspiration comes to you!