The sense of stillness, stopping time, is something I wanted to portray in my latest album, titled, ‘CSH DNA’.  The backdrop of The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is picturesque.  It is located along the Long Island Sound with breath taking views surrounding the entire compound.  The CSH Lab was founded in 1890; it is one of the greatest international research institutions, and has not only accomplished breakthroughs, but has played a central role in the development of molecular genetics; the lab also happened to celebrate its 125th Anniversary last year.  

In my photographs, I wanted to capture the truly quaint yet strikingly captivating scenery that surrounds my town, but specifically the DNA lab.  

I reveal the lab in a black and white perspective, with abstract and realistic themes featuring notable sights, but also sights off the beaten path.  While editing these photographs, I was inspired by the 1920’s Great Gatsby era; consistently being reminded of the whimsical, timeless personality that the era exuded.


Above are a few unedited photographs from this series.