Paris, France

On January 5, I departed for one of the greatest experiences of my life.  Going to Paris for two weeks was a dream where I got to experience things beyond my belief.  Being able to capture Paris through my own lens is what you can see when you view my photos in Cemetery and E.F.   The cemetery that is exhibited in my work was located next to my hotel during my stay in Paris.  Walking through that cemetery and capturing unusual aspects was an activity that I looked forward to at the end of the my days.  While on my many visits to this beautiful place I experienced many different emotions.  I wanted to capture the beauty of the cemetery and the sad, eery, curious feelings I experienced while being there in one photo.  Immediately walking through the cemetery you are shocked with all the intricate detailing that can be seen everywhere you look.  These intricate detailings are what make this cemetery beautiful and completely unique.  My visit to the Eiffel Tower was exceptional.  I, naively, was not excited to see the Eiffel Tower because I had seen it millions of times in movies, magazines, and images on the computer.  The enormous monument completely took my breath away.  I do not know why I underestimated what I was going to see, but I should have never jumped to such an immature conclusion.  I wanted to capture this exquisite monument that people have seen millions of times in a new and abstract way through different perspectives and unexpected cropping.